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This Website (PCVSite.com) is a Private Classified Website.

Anyone can join for free and post classified ads from our easy FREE Membership Registration but in agreement with our Website TERMS and Rules. We also have Premium Paid and Unlimited Paid Listing Offers but Membership to join is FREE.

When you visit our Site, you also agree to comply with the asked for information and requirements as stated on the Site. The posted Links or Information are not the personal information, views or opinions of this Site owner unless otherwise specifically stated. They are merely shared information and you are required to use your own discretion when accepting or using the information for your own personal use.

We do not approve of comments or communication that are vulgar and contrary to this Site Professional Business values.
We reserve the right to change or modify our Terms and Condition of Service (TOS) at anytime without notice to anyone. You are required to check with and follow-up with this Site to know what the changes are and how they may affect you.
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We respect your privacy.
Any information received from this Site via registration to join and such alike, will not be used for any business, commercial or unlawful reasons.

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All other information we receive from you that can be considered “personal” (such as your name, phone number and such alike) will not be abused or exploited in any way by this Site owner and Administrators/Moderators.
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